What roles does Thrivemodal provide?

In our experience, outsourcing solutions can be implemented effectively for most remote roles and processes! We are committed to working with you to evaluate outsourcing and global talent for any position that adds value to your organization. Learn more on our Services page

What hours and time zones are Staff available to work?

Staff can work in any time zone. In the Philippines, it is common for professionals to support US companies and their respective time zones.

How does the recruitment and selection process work?

The process begins with a job description. We can use an existing job description (if available) or work with you to create a custom job description. Our local operations enable us to recruit through various proprietary channels to identify the best talent. We utilize a robust screening process to evaluate and recommend the best candidates based on your requirements. We will only proceed with a start date once you are 100% satisfied with a potential candidate.

Is the client able to interview candidates before proceeding?

You will always have the option to interview candidates. We will arrange an interview date and time that works for your schedule.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the role, we can have Staff ready to start with your Company in as little as ten days.

How will Staff connect to company systems and communication platforms?

Staff will connect to your company systems or communications platforms the same as any employee working remotely. We will coordinate with your team to identify the IT requirements and set Staff up before the start date.

Are there any employment, HR, or administrative obligations?

There are no employment, HR, or administrative obligations. Thrivemodal handles these obligations so our clients can focus on growth and building global teams.

What is the billing process?

You will be billed an all-inclusive monthly rate split evenly and invoiced by Thrivemodal bi-weekly. There are no upfront costs or other fees.

How do you manage data security?

We take data security very seriously. Our client service contract provides strict confidentiality obligations, and Staff must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Once hired, Staff are exclusively dedicated to your Company and never work for more than one client. Staff also work remotely in a secure location with their workstation (they are not co-located with other Thrivemodal Staff). We help grant permissions to secure systems you identify and access these through your Company’s secure VPN. We will work with you to implement other data security measures that apply to your company policies and procedures.